Subscription Sites Marketing Funnels and the Outer Rim

  • May 20, 2019

You’ve done all your advertising, there’s people taking up your offer of a free report, relevant calculating tool or free subscription and they’ve given you their email address.

There in the Funnel

So what’s next, most subscription sites limit their time, money and strategy to only one aim along the funnel, often promoting a single site visit to make a sale. Before we get into what can happen within a funnel with regard to sales; subscription marketers should realise there are three parts to a funnel clickfunnels pricing page.

Top – The Outer Rim
Middle – The Engine
Bottom – The foundation

The Outer Rim, Get your self known

The Engine and Foundation have there own levels of importance but can be mostly automated systems. Work on each important juncture of the funnel to create sales. If you ignore one section, less customers and sales flow through to the next. However if I was to pick the most important out of the three parts of a funnel it as to be the ‘Outer Rim’; without which the other two wouldn’t exist. Hovering around ‘The Outer Rim’ are your perspective customers flying all over the internet like moths round a flame, looking for information, literally millions of people everyday. Your goal is to get yourself known, set up an on going automated system, a bright light if you will, to attract the moths and keep a constant flow of perspective customers trickling over the rim into the funnel.

Ignore ‘The Outer Rim’ at you Peril, Your engine will run out of oil and stop; and in time the foundations, the people who have already bought from you and likeD what they’ve seen, will dwindle away because you will loose hart for lack of new customers entering your funnel. Businesses in the past and still today, try all different types of advertising to attract customers to buy. Local Papers, National Papers, Flyers, Post Cards, On web sites, Directories, Trade Magazines. Using best of the above old marketing practises together with as many of the new internet marketing channels, youtube, twitter, email marketing, Web 2.0 sites and Pay Per Click when prudent; these are the ‘bright lights’ you have to work on constantly.

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